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Hans Dockendorff GmbH


We plan and construct door and shielding systems in accordance to our customers’ requirements. Our employees create drawings with state-of-the-art CAD software. This allows us to graphically take a look at the final product during the early stages of development. Furthermore, we ensure the economic efficiency and consider the optimization potential in consultation with our customers.

Our engineering office takes special care and pride in the development, design and construction of the door systems, to ensure they meet everyday requirements. Our technical competence and high flexibility guarantee that our customers do not get a standardized product, but a custom-made solution. The foundation of the construction of our products are the laws, regulations and guidelines applicable at the time of construction. We have a proven track record and long-term experience to professionally handle each component of the door systems. Furthermore, we place a high importance on safety.

From the preliminary planning to the project management, our customers can count on our expertise. Project related risk can be reduced by our thorough planning. Our project development ensures a high quality while reducing costs and therefore a higher efficiency during the project management. Additionally, less modifications of the planning in ongoing project phases are necessary, which leads to an efficient cooperation between us and our customers.


Transporting our radiation protection doors is usually done by a transportation agency experienced with heavy load requirements. Besides a transport via road, our doors can also be transported on a sea or air route, especially when delivering to customers abroad.

When constructing a new radiation protection door, it is usually inserted into the bunker by a crane before the ceiling is closed. Depending on the local conditions, the radiation protection doors can also be transported on the floor to their final destination.

Our internal specialists have many years of experience with assembling and installing our doors on-site.

Shell construction as well as final assembly usually takes about 4-6 days. After the complete installation, the technical instruction for the operating personnel and commissioning takes place.


According to relevant German regulations and to guarantee maximum safety and life span, all radiation protection doors have to be maintained once a year by qualified experts. Our internal specialists carry out the maintenance of more than 300 radiation protection doors currently under maintenance contract. Our knowledgeable staff is available for any questions our customers with maintenance contracts may have.

Customer Service

Our employees are skilled workers with expertise in metal construction and electricity. All employees carrying out our customer service are actively involved in building our products. Due to their deep knowledge, any problems that may occur can be detected and solved quickly – often even by phone.

Should an on-site visit be necessary, our customer service will take care of any issues quickly.